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  • Wan magneto jammer
  • Wan magneto jammer
  • Wan magneto jammer
  • Wan magneto jammer
  • Wan magneto jammer
Wan magneto jammerWan magneto jammerWan magneto jammerWan magneto jammerWan magneto jammer

Wan magneto jammer

  • Size: 85 * 50 * 23mm
  • Free regulation of different frequency bands
  • Digital residual voltage display
  • Product description: Universal magneto EMP jammer for sale, digital voltage display super penetration, win slot machine, fishing machine, Laba machine.WhatsApp:+8618837103250
  • INQUIRY     $160

2019 Newest Magneto King Slot jammer sale

The jammer transparent package, waterproof and high temperature resistant, unique voltage residue display integrated circuit board, 9 high-performance lithium batteries, rated voltage 37.8v, super penetration, imported high-power transmitter. Wansheng all kinds of slot machines, fishing machines, Laba machines, western tour for hegemony, Wukong, five-star Honghui, Caijin Honghui, singleton, fishing machine, 15 rounds and 9 lines, barbarism, Three Kingdoms, water margin, Jungle Island, European machine, Continental machine, Japanese slot and other machines

Product characteristics

360 ° all-round precision fine-tuning, can produce a variety of frequencies, strong adaptability.

Equipped with special detachable antenna head, touching metal shell, direct induction (enhanced power)

Special high-performance 37.8v lithium battery intelligent charger, complete the whole charging in 30