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Slot jammer

  • Three speed Jammer
  • Three speed Jammer
  • Three speed Jammer
Three speed JammerThree speed JammerThree speed Jammer

Three speed Jammer

  • Size:85*50*23mm
  • Product description: American slot machine jammer,Pinball jammer,fishing jammer.WhatsApp:+8618813713250
  • INQUIRY     $150

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Name of jammer: 3-speed intelligent mixer
Power supply: 8 A-type high power lithium batteries
Working voltage: 30v-33.6v
Working mode: [15hz-28hz] 580mhz mixer
Antenna mode: built in + enhanced external detachable coil
Instrument color: transparent crystal in one body
Instrument size: 85x50x21mm
Instrument power: 50W
Power switch: strong spring return press type
Heat dissipation mode: whole machine heat dissipation mode

Transmitter head:
1. The coil is made of high-quality wire, with precise winding, more standard and more stable
2. Imported high power transistor [more powerful]
3. The latest debugging method is more powerful

Mixing free combination mode:
Red gear 1: 15hzx500mhz frequency
Red ① + ② gear: 22hzx560mhz frequency
Red gear: 28hzx600mhz

Charging time:
Do not charge when you get the product. Recharge after 2-3 days of use. The charging time is 20 minutes. Do not charge for a long time to avoid damaging the battery

usage method:
First, turn on the blue switch to the on state, and then use the Red 1 / 2 / 3 mode. Please combine the frequencies according to the situation of the game console

Switching time:
Press the Red Square switch at one time for no more than 20 seconds, and use it at an interval of more than half a minute for the second time