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Laba jammer

  • High power slot jammer for sale
  • High power slot jammer for sale
High power slot jammer for saleHigh power slot jammer for sale

High power slot jammer for sale

  • Size: 90 * 42 * 26mm
  • UHF precision emitter coil
  • Product description: Longba technology, production of all kinds of fishing machine jammer, roulette machine slot machine jammer, slot machine jammer for sale. WhatsApp:+86 188 3710 3250
  • INQUIRY     $140


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The segment wave king slot machine jammer is designed with integrated circuit and equipped with ultra long and ultra-high frequency precision emitter coil to improve the power of the instrument and ensure the maximum penetration of the jammer. Two gear frequency free conversion to use different types of slot machines.

Function Description
The first gear pulse type flash frequency makes the bonus effect more stable, not easy to crash, and the bonus speed is very fast when the machine crashes.

Gear 2 is high-power direct frequency, which can crack some slot machines with barbed wire screens or toughened glass panels.

For models: madantai fruit slot machine, poker slot machine, La Ba slot machine, large-scale online slot machine. Roulette tiger machine, large-scale fishing machine, connecting machine and other forest dance, golden shark and silver shark, Mercedes Benz and BMW, western tour for hegemony, Wukong, outlaws of the marsh, Three Kingdoms and so on